Iran Tours

Itineraries - 2019/2020

This incredible land continues to wow visitors time and again. There is nowhere more friendly and intriguing than Persia.

Take a look at our Iran tour dates below. Dates don’t work? No worries, we can organise your trip on your dates. Just let us know.

Iranian farmer

Iran Autumn Tour

A wonderful time to visit the friendliest place on earth!

Visiting the Nasir ol Molk Mosque in Iran.

Iran Spring Tour

Hang out in ancient and stunning Persia!


Iran - FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers for our tours in Iran.

Absolutely! Iranian culture is incredibly warm to foreign visitors no matter what country you are from.

We will supply you an invitation letter that will allow you to collect the visa on arrival when you fly in. Americans, Canadians and British have to apply at their nearest embassy before the tour. We will guide you in this process.

USD and Euro are both accepted in currency exchanges. Make sure to bring cash.

Generally it is about 15 in Iran. There is also a local and western guide.