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The Karakoram Highway

Begin in the ultra metropolis of Lahore and then stretch out northwards on one of the world’s great road trips – the Karakoram Highway Tour

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Mountains in Northern Pakistan

Karakoram Highway Tour

Travel overland all the way from Lahore, Pakistan to Xinjiang, China!


Pakistan - FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers for our tours in Pakistan.

Very! The tour takes you from Lahore to the northern area away from any potential trouble spots near the Afghan border. Pakistani’s are generally extremely welcoming to outsiders,

When you sign up for the tour we wil apply for your invitation letter on your behalf from our partners in Pakistan. You need this agent to sponsor your application. If successful you can then apply freely at your nearest Pakistan embassy.

Generally you need to provide an itinerary and maybe some hotel bookings to apply at a Chinese embassy. Check with your nearest embassy to make sure of the requirements.

USD and Euro are both accepted in currency exchanges. Cash is best as it may prove slightly difficult to find an ATM in the northern areas.

Generally it is about 10 on this tour.

No you don’t but it’s always fun to blend in a bit. The local garb can be picked up for about $25.